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In the Networked Society, connectivity will be the starting point for new ways of innovating, collaborating and socializing. Imagine a world where anything that can benefit from a connection will have one – a world where connectivity creates new revenue streams and where your business can capitalize on the possibilities. Having the right partner will help you get there. Ericsson understands the shift toward mobility and the challenges that businesses face as communications transform and evolve. Ericsson Connections provides many ways to differentiate your business and drive growth and profitability for your company.

Enterprise Products & Solutions

iPECS Business Communications & UC Solutions

Ericsson's telephony platforms are engineered with SME needs in mind and deliver the best customer value in the industry.


Wireless Fiber

With Ericsson's carrier-grade, highly scalable, plug and play Wireless Fiber solution, low TCO is the name of the game.


Ericsson Wi-Fi delivers unparalleled performance, speed and management capabilities to capitalize on the increasing reliance on wireless.


iPECS Ethernet Switches

Enterprise-class switches that support QoS, security, simple, and intuitive management for high-performing enterprise networks.

Partner with Ericsson

With their heritage of innovation, rich enterprise solutions for voice, data and video, and continued investment in future technology enablers, Ericsoon helps you do business better.


Partnering with Ericsson will help enable new ways to do business and allow you to capture more value in an all-connected world.