Linecards by Solution

From professional A/V to video surveillance, Anixter’s SOLUTIONS Linecards provide an easy reference guide to end-to-end solutions and components.

Building Technologies
  • Wi-Fi

    Plan for and manage future wireless demands placed on your Wi-Fi network with scalable network plans and robust technologies. Learn more.

  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

    Overcome wireless concerns such as coverage and capacity with the right system (DAS) products and correct placement within your building.

  • Passive Optical LAN (POL)

    From fiber hardware to category cable, learn how our passive optical LAN solutions can support your technology needs. Quick-reference POL information.

  • Professional A/V

    Review products that can help you provide dynamic, professional audio/visual experiences for many environments such as retail, offices, stadiums and more.

  • Retail Solutions Convenience Store

    From cash management to perimeter security, discover the latest access control solutions for convenience stores.

  • Covert Surveillance

    For public safety solutions that require discretion, explore our covert products and systems that provide versatile options to meet your public safety needs.

  • Protecting Critical Infrastructure-Utilities

    Discover the expert utility security applications we offer to help you protect and monitor critical infrastructures to safeguard from breach and downtime.

  • Overt Surveillance

    Explore our highly-visible, overt public safety solutions - designed to deter criminal activity and provide peace of mind to communities.

  • Video Vigilancia

    Desde seguridad pública hasta software de administración de video, descubra productos y fabricantes que pueden crear las soluciones en video vigilancia que cumplen con sus necesidades específicas.

Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Services

    From sourcing to global logistics, discover how our five core supply chain areas can help you streamline process to save time, reduce costs, increase efficiency and mitigate risk.