Communications Contractors

Wesco Anixter works in partnership with contractors to provide solutions at every phase of construction. Our solutions can help maximize the productivity of your skilled labor and complete the work on time and under budget.

Kitting, Packaging and Labelling

Whole order delivery image

Wesco Anixter’s whole order delivery service prepares a dedicated shipment for each phase of installation. Color-coded shrink wrap, labels and pallet packing lists make your products easy to identify.



Workstation Kit image

Kits reduce the number of shipments you receive, unpack and transport. Kits also help to reduce unproductive labor by eliminating time spent searching for and collecting materials.

Jack Pack image

Wesco Anixter’s jack pack solution removes OEM packaging from individual modular jacks and repacks them into bags or boxes in quantities of 25, 50 or 100. Jack packs save time, reduce unproductive labor and minimize waste packaging from the job site.


Jack Bucket image

Wesco Anixter's jack bucket solution removes OEM packaging from individual modular jacks along with any sub-components packaged with jacks (e.g. icons, stuffer caps), and repacks them into 5-gallon buckets with lids. Jack buckets hold a minimum of 200 pieces.



Cord Bundling image

Wesco Anixter’s cord bundling solutions include copper or patch cord bundling with or without the labeling of the patch cords. Having pre-bundled cords delivered to the job site provides for a more efficient install as the cords can be plugged in within minutes. 


Labeling Solutions image

Wesco Anixter’s labeling solutions help you to focus on network set up with custom labeling for copper patch cords, fiber jumpers and fiber trunks, as well as fiber trunk box reel and flange labeling.


Carts and Baskets

Anixter’s Job Carts image

Wesco Anixter’s job carts are custom tailored to efficiently store products during the rough-in stages of electrical construction.

Anixter's Cable Tray Cart image

Wesco Anixter’s cable tray carts reduce the labor and installation time to install cable tray in large installations.

Anixter's Deployment Baskets image

Wesco Anixter’s deployment baskets make the shipping and storing of consumables and reels of cable at the job site fast and easy. 


Cable Pulling Solutions

Anixter's Low-Voltage Cable Cart image

Wesco Anixter’s low voltage cable cart is ideal for installing cables such as Category 5 and 6, security cables, door lock cables and other low voltage communications cables.

INSTA-REEL by Anixter image

INSTA-REEL consists of a standard wooden reel that has oversized flanges attached to both sides and becomes a payout stand when chocked in place.

Device Pre-Configuration

Camera dead-on-arrival (DOA), update firmware and configure IP addresses image

Wesco Anixter can check cameras for dead-on-arrival (DOA), update firmware and configure IP addresses prior to shipping thus reducing non-productive labor and speeding installation at the job site.



IP addressing of UPS device image

Wesco Anixter’s IP addressing of UPS devices is basic IP addressing of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with or without integrated SNMP card, in the 1-6kVA size range for swifter installation.




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