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Solutions That Keep Your Industry Moving

Anixter provides quality fiber optic and copper network cabling systems, power and control cables and industrial communication and control solutions for all transportation construction, engineering and maintenance needs. We are experienced in all transportation sectors including:


  • Airports and airlines
  • Public transit
  • Ports and ships
  • Railroads
  • Trucking
  • Intelligent traffic systems.

With our extensive product range and experienced sales team trained in transportation product and technology requirements and standards, we will supply you with the right solution for your sector’s need.

Tailored for Transportation

We understand the safety, sustainability, security and budgeting issues that surround the transportation market and provide solutions that address these issues through:

  • Experienced advice from our Technology Solutions Group (TSG) who can help you with technology selection and solution planning and trained sales representatives who are experts in products and part numbers
  • Our UL-certified Infrastructure Solutions LabSM that tests and demonstrates interoperability so you can maximize the ROI of existing equipment
  • Leading-edge products and solutions that will help you to deliver safety and availability standards you demand
  • Security specialists who can evaluate your current video surveillance solution and help you develop a strategy for your future needs   
  • Tailored Supply Chain Solutions to help you save time, reduce costs and mitigate risk while keeping unnecessary packaging from the job site.


Anixter’s Supply Chain Solutions are designed to reduce costs and time at the job site. Our product enhancement services help reduce time and effort spent on ordering, receiving, storing, retrieving, unpacking, disposing of waste and locating missing parts. We will have the right product, in the right package, at the right time with our customized READY! offering. View more Anixter Supply Chain Solutions benefits.

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