Inventory Management at the Job Site

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Job sites can easily become disorganized as the focus is put on completing the job rather than keeping your inventory organized and accessible. However, when mission-critical materials can’t be found, a project can come to a screeching halt – not to mention you can go over budget if you have to reorder misplaced materials.

Anixter Inventory Management Solutions (AIMS) at the job site can help keep inventory and labor costs down by making sure all necessary materials are where they need to be. 

Anixter inventory management capabilities at the job site include: 

Auto-Replenishment Programs

If your frequently used items are often out of stock, we can help. We offer manual to fully automated replenishment of commonly used items. Automated solutions include replenishment software and scanning equipment to minimize errors and increase efficiencies of managing the inventory stored at your site.

Manual Replenishment Programs

Based on certain programs, Anixter can visit your location regularly to audit the Anixter-sold material and trigger when new product should be ordered to keep the right levels of inventory on hand.

Manual or Automated Consignment

We’ll work with you to improve your working capital by delaying your cost of ownership and shifting management and inventory control costs.

Anixter-Managed Inventory (VMI)

We provide manual to fully automated solutions for managing on-site inventory regardless of ownership. Automated solutions are offered through cloud-based software and scanning equipment. Whether you choose a manual or automated solution, you will gain visibility to on-hand inventory, usage reporting, project allocation and asset tracking through a customizable dashboard.

Automated/Remote Inventory Management Software

Anixter-automated solutions are offered through cloud-based software and scanning equipment that minimizes errors and increases efficiencies. You will gain visibility to on-hand inventory, usage reporting, project allocation and asset tracking through a customizable dashboard, regardless of material ownership.

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Cable Management

From selecting the right products to identifying qualified manufacturers to procuring the best products at competitive prices, we’ll work with you to design a cable management solution that provides convenient access to critical materials — without the costs and risks involved in maintaining inventory on site.

Our cable management services include:

  • Customized material take-off services
  • Specialized inventory
  • Reporting via eAnixter
  • Wire and cable cut to exact circuit lengths
  • Customized reel tagging
  • Scrap and excess management
  • Master cable schedule developed for trend analysis and reporting
  • Just-in-time deployment and logistics services

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Remote Job Site Storage

We provide custom remote job site storage solutions that make it simple and secure to store materials on site. From basic storage like trailers and conex boxes to highly sophisticated job site inventory management, control and replenishment programs, we’ll make sure your material has a home at your remote job site.

Anixter Trakr™

Anixter Trakr is our GPS and Bluetooth enabled on-site material management system. Since time is money, we’ve made it easy to find the cable you need when you need it by attaching a tracking chip to each reel, which enables you to use your smartphone to locate a reel as well as input cut lengths so you can view remaining cable lengths in real time. By eliminating accidental cuts and losses, Anixter Trakr can save you 15 to 20 percent in costs per project while increasing your labor productivity 10 to 15 percent.

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Yard Management

Using technology to track materials and their usage at each job, we can help reduce shrink and keep skilled workers with the materials they need to get the job done. With our web-based tracking solution that utilizes RF barcode scan technology, you can now have greater visibility into where your materials are going, allowing you to monitor and address material issues before it impacts your project schedule.

Service Truck Inventory Tracking

Many customers struggle with making sure that technicians have the parts they need to resolve a service call on the first visit, which can have a negative impact on the company’s reputation. Our system can help minimize return trips by ensuring trucks are stocked with items needed to quickly and efficiently respond to customer service calls, thus keeping customers happy and eliminating the costs associated with return trips.

With any of the above solutions, we offer complete store room design, set up and management. Our inventory management technician will design and build an efficient system based on your space and business requirements, making it fast and easy for you to find exactly what you need.

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