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JDSU is now Viavi! Viavi Solutions feature a fully integrated and interoperable portfolio of cloud-enabled instruments and systems, software automation, and services for network testing, performance optimization, and service assurance. Designed to support the most complex IT and communications networks, our solutions deliver unparalleled visibility across your entire network and service eco-system, at any stage of the lifecycle. Viavi delivers the real-time intelligence and actionable insight you need to continuously deliver optimum performance and QoE from end-to-end.

Viavi News
  • 06/07/2016

    FiberChek Probe Microscope From Viavi

    The FiberChek probe builds on industry-leading Viavi expertise in fiber inspection to deliver an all-in-one handheld solution for technicians at every skill level.

  • Get Fiber Smart: Best Practices in Enterprise Fiber Connectivity 

Explore the best practices to follow when installing cabling systems to the latest IEC and TIA standards. Learn how proactive connector certification can assure optical-system performance in data-center environments. See the essential tools technicians need to guarantee fibre connectivity performance, drive workflow and efficiency, and eliminate endless troubleshooting hours by getting it right the first time.

  • Get Fiber Smart: Fiber Testing Fundamentals, Standards and Best Practices for Tier 1 Enterprise

Uncover the basics of tier 1 fiber infrastructure testing in premises network applications. Explore the fundamental tests required to certify tier 1 fiber optic network cables for loss and length measurements. Learn the latest standards requirements for fiber installation including TIA 568 and ISO 14763-3 for both single-mode and multimode fibers.

  • Get Fiber Smart: Best Practices in Tier 2 Enterprise Fiber Link Testing and TroubleshootingFiber Tier 2 Testing (OTDR) in the Enterprise/Datacentre  

An optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) is fundamental during install qualification or troubleshooting for detecting, locating, and measuring events or impairments, such as splices, bends, connectors, and breaks, on the fiber link. Learn about tier 2 fiber plant certification and how to interpret the OTDR results and how to compare the tested fiber parameters against industry standards, such as ISO/IEC-11801 and TIA-568-C.

  •  Deploying Indoor DAS effectively

Distributed antenna systems (DAS) provide indoor capacity and coverage for stadiums, major venues, offices, airports, and more. Operators are choosing DAS to extend their reach and to maximize capacity in areas with thousands of people or where network availability is poor because of wireless conditions. DAS consist of multiple solutions that operators use to optimize the customer experience and to ensure mobile apps and phone calls work. However, DAS is not without its challenges; optimal positioning, interference, fiber testing, and service degradation represent just a few of the pain points.

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  • Learn More About Smart Link Mapper Applications for OTDR Testing (SLM, FTTA, FTTH, CABLE)