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In over twenty-five years of activity in the video surveillance industry, Videotec has designed, created and patented numerous products for monitoring all types of external environment even in the most harsh and complex conditions. The wide product range includes PTZ camera positioning systems, certified explosion-proof camera systems, heavy duty housings and PTZ, night LED illuminators, advanced artificial intelligence devices and much other. Their products connectivity is based on high resolution analog and IP architecture, providing the highest degree of protection and immediate situational awareness, thus the response to threats and incidents is rapid and effective.

Innovation is a company distinctive mark. Every single Videotec product is the result of a process of research and design performed by a professional staff of expert engineers in collaboration with international universities and research centers. 
This operational methodology has allowed them to experiment with new technologies and cutting-edge materials, creating innovative products.
The field of use of Videotec products is extremely vast: traffic and urban surveillance, borders control, surveillance of public or private properties, airport and stadiums, banks and prisons. Furthermore their specialist PTZ and fixed cameras for industrial, marine and offshore/onshore applications are designed to operate day/night in the harshest conditions, including potentially explosive areas or environments with high temperatures or particularly severe climatic conditions.

The operational and logistical headquarters, covering 13,000 square metres, is located in eastern Italy with branches in USA/Canada, France and Asia Pacific, as well as a global sales force to provide their solutions and service throughout the world, in real time.

  • The New ULISSE MAXI PTZ with LED Illuminators
  • Punto Hi-PoE Housing for IP Cameras