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HONEYWELL | 1CPSA1A | Cable Pull Safety Switch, Cable, Maintained, 1NC/1NO Direct Opening, 1/2 NPT, Silver Contacts, Pilot Light 24 V DC LED

  • Réf. fabricant 1CPSA1A
Rating: IP67

The 1CPS Cable Pull Safety Switch is intended for use in applications with the cable runs up to 76 m [250 ft], such as conveyor runs within defined system zones. It is a cost-effective means of providing this emergency stop signal compared to multiple emergency stop push buttons. (Cable Pull Safety Switches are not, however, to be used as a means of personnel safeguarding. They may be used to prevent further injury or damage to equipment when used for emergency stop signaling.)
The 1CPS Series Cable Pull Safety Switch is designed to provide emergency stop protection for exposed conveyor lines. The internal mechanism latches on both slackened cable (push) and pulled cable. This capability enhances productivity by eliminating nuisance stops due to variations in temperature, stretch of cable over time, and other application variables.
A line in the midpoint of the cable tension window indicates proper cable tension, providing easy and intuitive set-up. The direct acting switch contacts are held c losed when the actuating cable is under proper tension and the reset knob is set to RUN. When the actuating cable is pulled, slackened or broken, a cam positively opens the NC (Normally Closed) switch contacts. The snap action, trip operation causes th e switch contacts to change state and mechanically latch almost simultaneously when the cable is pulled, slackened or broken. The NC switch contacts remain open until the 1CPS is reset by properly tensioning the cable and manually rotating the reset kn ob.
When the direct acting switch contacts open, the auxiliary contacts also actuate (open contacts close and closed contacts open). The auxiliary contacts are electrically isolated from the direct acting switch contacts. These NO (Normally Open) conta cts may be used for monitoring or signaling.

  • Direct opening action of NC (Normally Closed) contacts
  • 1CPS: 1NO/1NC contact configurations
  • Typical cable span of 76 m [250 ft] in an environment with a temperature change of 17 C [30 F]. Longer spans are possible depending upon temperature cnge and installation
  • Large wiring cavity with straight-through wiring
  • Models avaliable without broken cable, slack-cable detection
  • 24 V DC bright, Single-cluster high-intensity LED status indicator light
  • Electrostatic, epoxy-coated, die-cac housing
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