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BOSCH SECURITY SYSTEMS | D273 | Four-wire photoelectric smoke detector

  • Réf. fabricant D273 | DS284
  • PART #231766
Color: WHITE
DB Rating: 85
Power: 12 OR 24 VDC

The D263 and the D273 Photoelectric Smoke Detectors use an LED light source and a silicon photo diode to measure light in a chamber. In normal conditions the light source is absorbed in the chamber. The presence of a significant number of particulates allows the light to reflect to the photo diode. Diode measurements exceeding the alarm threshold cause the unit to signal an alarm condition. The detection chamber, designed for reliable smoke entry characteristics, is protected by a micro-fine insect screen to reduce dust accumulation and minimize nuisance alarms. To further reduce nuisance alarms, the D263 and D273 check their calibration. This Chamber Check feature is automatic. If the detector is out of calibration for a period exceeding 24 hours, the Trouble/Alarm LED flashes once per second, three times the normal rate. These detectors have an internal diagnostic test that is activated by an external magnet. This test results in specific LED and alarm circuit responses to indicate: Detector within calibration standards, Detector settings outside sensitivity standards, and Detector not operational. This test is especially useful in environmentally unstable or clean areas. The detector can be reset from the panel, after an alarm condition is cleared, by interrupting power. These detectors have a socket that accepts the D1005 test cable. The D1005 connects to the head and allows a voltmeter to read the sensitivity of the device. Depending on the specific need, the D263 and D273 series of detectors offer the following options: heat sensor, sounder, trouble relay, EOL relay and auxiliary relay. The D263 and D273 Series detectors can be used with Trim Plate TP280 for retrofit and remodeling purposes. TP280 has a diameter of 6 3/8 in. (16.2 cm).

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  • 12 V DC or 24 V DC input
  • Designed for commercial or residential use
  • Four-wire application
  • Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) indicate the status of the chamber, power, and alarm
  • Removable terminal block to simplify wiring connections
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