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CORNING | G757524TPNDDU110F | Pretium EDGE Solutions Trunk Cable, 50 µm multimode (OM3), MTP Connector to MTP Connector, 24 fiber, with 33/33 inch legs, pulling grip one side, 110 ft

  • Réf. fabricant G757524TPNDDU110F
  • PART #398524
Connector Type: MPO - MPO
Fiber Type: OM3
Length: 110 FT. : 33.53 M
Number of Fibers: 24 FIBER

Pretium EDGE Solutions trunk cables utilize the MTP Connector, a 12-fiber push/pull optical connector with a footprint similar to the SC simplex connector. These high-density connectors are used to significantly accelerate the network installation process, minimize errors and reduce space. Pretium EDGE Solutions trunks utilizing MTP Connectors support 12 to 144 fibers.
Pretium EDGE Solutions trunk cables utilize a high-density cable solution, which results in up to 65 percent space savings. Five to six times the fiber tray capacity can be achieved over traditional bulkier cabling solutions while minimizing cable tray weight and cooling air impediment. The trunk cables contain Corning ClearCurve optical fiber, which enables a bend radius of five times the cable outside diameter and allows for smaller slack storage coils or loops. The cables feature a 2.0 mm round furcation leg which provides easy routing and improved slack storage.
Pretium EDGE Solutions trunks feature a furcation plug design that offers stress-free strain-relief of the cable, and a small-profile furcation plug allows installation of all fiber counts inside a 1U housing. All trunks are shipped with appropriate strain-relief brackets for integrating into both Pretium EDGE Solutions housings and Plug & Play(TM) Systems housings. The trunk furcation features a transition boot for smooth transition out of rack/floor hardware. The flexibility of the grip allows easy installation around the corners of tray and ladder racks, while its robust design allows the trunk to be pulled through conduit using up to 100 lb of pulling tension while providing complete protection for the connectors. All trunks are packaged on a plastic corrugated reel for easy installation. This reel can be easily broken down for cost-effective disposal. Pretium EDGE Solutions trunks have been tested and meet the skew criteria to ensure the system is 100G Ready.

  • High-density trunk cables; Allow tighter trunk cable bends for slack storage and routing
  • Low insertion loss performance; Allows for more connections in a link when deploying a TIA-942-compliant system
  • Universal wired components; Enable moves, adds and changes without polarity concerns; provide a simple migration path between 2-fiber and parallel optic applications
  • Factory-terminated solutions; Provide consistent quality, ensure system performance and reduce installation time

Data Center LAN/SAN

  • Cable Assembly Type: Pretium EDGE Trunk
  • Cable Type: Indoor, ANSI/ICEA S-83-596
  • Fiber Category: 50 µm MM (OM3)
  • Flame Rating: Plenum (OFNP)
  • Fiber Count (cable): 24
  • Outer Jacket Color: Aqua
  • Polarity: Universal
  • TIA-568 Type-B
  • Connector Type (Conn A): MTP (non-pinned)
  • Ferrule Material (Conn A): Composite
  • Connector Type (Conn B): MTP (non-pinned)
  • Ferrule Material (Conn B): Composite
  • Furcation Type (Conn A): Pretium EDGE Size 1
  • 14.7 mm x 14.7 mm x 108.6 mm
  • Leg Color (Conn A): Aqua
  • Leg Diameter (Conn A) (Metric-mm): 2.0 mm
  • Leg Length (Conn A) (Metric): 838 mm (-0 mm/+76 mm)
  • Leg Length (Conn A) (US): 33 in (-0 in/+3 in)
  • Furcation Type (Conn B): Pretium EDGE Size 1, 14.7 mm x 14.7 mm x 108.6 mm
  • Leg Color (Conn B): Aqua
  • Leg Diameter (Conn B) (Metric-mm): 2.0 mm
  • Leg Length (Conn B) (Metric): 838 mm (-0 mm/+76 mm)
  • Leg Length (Conn B) (US): 33 in (-0 in/+3 in)
  • Max. Tensile Strength for Installation: 660 N
  • Min. Bend Radius Installation (Metric): 115.5 mm
  • Min. Bend Radius Installation (US): 4.55 in
  • Min. Bend Radius Operation (Metric): 38.5 mm
  • Min. Bend Radius Operation (US): 1.52 in
  • Nominal Outer Diameter (Metric-mm): 7.7 mm ( 0.3 mm)
  • Weight (cable) (Metric): 50 kg/km
  • Weight (cable) (US): 110 lb/1000 ft
  • Insertion Loss, Max (Conn A): 0.35 dB
  • Reflectance, Typical (Conn A): < -20 dB
  • Insertion Loss, Max (Conn B): 0.35 dB
  • Reflectance, Typical (Conn B): < -20 dB
  • Min Duct Size Diameter (Conn A) (Metric): 64 mm
  • Min Duct Size Diameter (Conn A) (US): 2.5 in
  • Outer Diameter (Conn A) (Metric): 41 mm
  • Outer Diameter (Conn A) (US): 1.6 in
  • Pulling Grip - Connector A: Yes
  • Tensile Strength (Conn A) (Metric): 440 N
  • Tensile Strength (Conn A) (US): 100 lb
  • Pulling Grip - Connector B: No
  • Temperature - Operation (Metric): -10 C to 60 C
  • Temperature - Operation (US): 14 F to 140 F
Infos techniques et normes

Approval and Listings: NFPA 262, National Electrical Code (NEC), OFNP, CSA FT-6; Free of hazardous substances according to RoHS 2002/95/EG

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