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TRANSITION NETWORKS | LIB-2P16B-AC-SA | Liberator S Chassis With Internal AC Power Supply, 2 PRIs, User Selectable NT/TE, 16 BRI Ports, Includes Serial Control Cable and DbManager Lite, SA

  • Réf. fabricant LIB-2P16B-AC-SA
  • PART #586811
Device Type: CHASSIS
Expansion Modules/Slots: 0
Number of Wan Ports: 11-30
Primary WAN Connectivity: ISDN PRI
Second WAN Connectivity: ISDN BRI
Type of Device: ISDN ACCESS

ISDN Converter, ISDN Splitter, Switch, and Concentrator Liberator models dsupport upto 4 PRI interfaces and 0, 4, 8 or 16 BRI 'S' interfaces. A standard Liberator 'S' can be user configured with all PRI interfaces the same

  • Very flexible PRI/BRI ISDN switch
  • ISDN splitter, sharer or concentrator
  • Converts between PRI and BRI
  • Connects to ISDN networks and/or local ISDN devices
  • Shares ISDN access between multiple local devices
  • Full cross-connection between any/ all 'B' channels
  • BRI power feed options- Least cost routing
  • Dynamic re-directing of calls if destinations unavailable- Local connectivity between any ports
  • Build multiple BRI networks ports into a local PRI
  • NT BRIs and NT/TE user switchable; BRI power failure relay protection option
  • PRI ports NT/TE user switchable; PRI ports power failure relay protected; Standard ETSI to ANSI PRI to BRI conversion
  • BRI ANSI to ETSI conversion- Supports A-Law to µ-Law for voice conversion- Support for "Call Deflection"
  • Tones generated from network and/or by Liberator
  • Different models available to support different I/O combinations
  • Field-upgradeable versions to remotely enable additional ports
  • Remotely manageable and software upgradeable
  • Off-line call routing configurator
  • Item: Liberator S Chassis With Internal AC Power Supply
  • Interfaces: PRI - 1, 2, 3 or 4 PRI Ports, Marked As 'PRI21' 'PRI22' 'PRI23' And 'PRI24', By Default PRI21 And PRI23 Are Configured For TE ISDN Stack (User-Side), PRI22 And PRI24 For NT (Network-Side), The Default Configurations Can Be Changed By The User But Crossed Cables Are Necessary, Interfaces PRI21 - PRI22 And PRI22 - PRI24 Are Protected Against Power Failure By Relays Which Provide A Metallic Path In The Event Of Failure
  • E1: RJ45 120 Ohm Balanced (E1), G.704 HDB3 Encoded, Auto-Detect CRC4 or Non- CRC4 Framing (Multiframe or Doubleframe), Support Of Non-Switched E1 And Fractional E1 Services, ISDN PRI ETSI Q.931/921, ETSI-DSS1, ETSI 300-011, ETSI300-125, ETSI 300-102, Approved To TBR4, A-Law And u-Law Tones
  • T1: RJ45 100 Ohm Balanced T1, ESF or D4 Framing Selectable, B8ZS or AMI Line Code Selectable, NI-2, DMS-100, AT&T 5ESS Switch Selectable, AT&T TR-62411 and ANSI T1.403 Compliant, Hong Kong Variant Available, A-Law and u-Law Tones
  • BRI 16 Ports: RJ45, 4-Wire S0 Compatible, Configured As NT But User-Switchable In Blocks Of 4 Ports To TE Mode (Requires Crossed Cables), Blocks Of 4 NT And 4 TE Ports Can Be Optionally Power Failure, Relay Protected Which Means The Two Ports Are Linked Via Metallic Path In The Event Of Power Loss So The Attached Device(s) Still Have Network Access, BRIs Can Be User Configured For US And ETSI On A Per Port Basis, Can Be Configured For Point-to-Point or Multipoint, SPID Settings For US-Based Applications, Support For NI-1, DMS100, AT&T 5ESS And Auto Single And Dual, SPID Configurations, Driving Distance On UTP CAT5 Cable Typically Up To 750 m Depending Upon DTE And Environment
  • Control Ports RJ11 Marked 'Cmd': Asynchronous 8 Data, 1 Stop Bit No Parity 19.2 kbps to 115 kbps, Password Protected, Dry Contact Alarm Relay
  • LEDs: PRI x 4: Each PRI Has 2 Associated LEDs, Upper LED - Fl=Synchronising To Layer 1, Solid=Layer 2 Established, Lower LED - Fl=Call Establishing, Solid=At Least 1 Call In Place; BRI: Each BRI Has 2 Associated LEDs, 1 For Each 'B' Channel, Fl=Call Establishing/Dialling; Solid=Call In Place; PWR x 1: Unlit=No Power, Green=Power On Unit; Run x 1: Slow Flash=Microprocessor OK And Configured, Fast Flash=Internal Error or Lost Base Configuration; LAN ACT x 1: Activity On The LAN; LAN 100 x 1: Off=LAN Running At 10BASE-T; On=LAN Running At 100BASE-T
  • Relays: Interfaces Pairs PRI21 and PRI22 and PRI23 and PRI 24 are Power Failure Relay Protected as Standard. Interfaces Will be Connected Togethe
Infos techniques et normes

EN55022-1998 EN55024-1998 A12001 EN61000-3-2/3-1995 AS/NZS CISPR22-2000, IEC60950-1-2007 ACS/NZS60950-2000 AS/NZS3260-1993 ACA TS001-1997

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