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TRIPP LITE | MRV2012UL | Inverter MRV2012UL serves as an automotive or stationary DC-to-AC inverter with automatic line-to-battery transfer and integrated battery charger

  • Réf. fabricant MRV2012UL
  • PART #640236
Size: 2000

Tripp Lite's MRV2012UL Inverter/Charger is a heavy-duty, DC-to-AC inverter with automatic line-to-battery transfer and integrated charging system that serves as an extended-run UPS, a standalone power source or an automotive inverter suitable for rugged RV applications. It provides equipment with utility- or generator-supplied AC electricity filtered through premium ISOBAR surge protection. It's the ideal, quiet alternative to gas generators -- with no fumes, fuel or noise to deal with!The MRV2012UL Inverter/Charger supplies up to 2000 watts of continuous 120V AC power from any 12V DC battery or automotive DC source. It passes sine wave utility or generator power during battery charging and UPS line power operation, plus an efficient PWM sine wave AC output in inverter and UPS backup modes. When the hardwire AC input is energized, commercial power passes through to connected equipment and the battery bank is recharged via 3-stage charging system with user-selectable 25/100 amp charger output. In the UPS mode, it responds to blackouts and voltage fluctuations with a near-instantaneous automatic transfer to battery-derived AC output. It includes a set of high-current DC input terminal posts for simple installation of user supplies batteries and cabling. (See owner's manual for recommendations). The MRV2012UL Inverter/Charger is highly adaptable to a variety of applications and site conditions with adjustable charger settings for wet/gel battery types and selectable line to battery power transfer voltages. It supports an unlimited amount of runtime with any number of user-supplied batteries connected. To provide the extra power needed to cold-start heavy-duty power tools and motorized equipment, the RV2012UL Inverter/Charger has an OverPower inverter output feature that temporarily provides up to 150% of the continuous output for up to 60 minutes and a DoubleBoost inverter output feature that delivers up to 200% of the continuous output for up to 10 seconds. With a reliable, large transformer design and frequency control, it can power resistive electronic loads or large inductive motors, compressors and other items with high current needs on startup. It features an optional APSRM4 wired remote control module with full status LEDs that provides remote power inverter on/off switching and continuous status information (APSRM4 sold separately). NOTE: To protect against high current draw that may occur during inverter failure, a fuse link rated at 400a should be positioned no more than 18" from the MRV2

  • Battery Charger 3-stage battery charger with user-selectable 25/100 amp operation and adjustable settings for wet/gel battery types with charger on/off capability; offers fast, reliable battery recharging

Automatic Transfer 16.6 millisecond automatic transfer between line and battery power supports UPS protection during blackouts and voltage fluctuations for equipment compatible with a one cycle transfer time

  • 2000 watts continuous AC output in inverter mode, 3600 watts continuous AC output in AC line power mode
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Protected hardwire DC terminal posts safely accept heavy-gauge input wiring from attached battery bank

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