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VIKING ELECTRONICS | SA-25 | Self Amplified Paging System Control Unit with IR Remote

  • Réf. fabricant SA-25
  • PART #668064

The SA-25 can directly drive up to 25 self amplified speakers. Speakers can be Viking's 2 wire self amplified ceiling speaker model SA-1S, the SA-1H self amplified paging horn, the older 4 wire legacy Valcom and Bogen self amplified speakers, or any co mbination of the above. Viking self amplified speakers have these advantages: 1) Audio and power are on the same pair (less copper). 2) Power is 40 V DC for lower current and smaller gauge wire (less copper). 3) Non-Polarity sensitive for easier wiring . 4) Each speaker is infrared remote controllable so there is no need to manage and wire "background music zones", install volume controls on the walls, or climb up ladders to adjust the volume. The provided SA-IR Infrared Remote controls volume, mute, and enable/disable background music at each speaker as required.

The SA-25 provides paging, loud ringing, and background music when connected to electronic or 1A2 Key systems, PABX's, No-KSU phones, multi-line phones, as well as IP phone s (that have an analog FXS or FXO port). The SA-25 paging control unit can interface with a paging port or a ringing analog FXS, CO/Centrex line, PABX/KSU station port or an FXO, unused telephone line input (trunk port).

The SA-25 will genloud ringing from a ringing analog line or from a dry contact closure. Either a loud electronic warble sound or one of three other soft chime sounds may be selected. An external "night transfer" switch (such as Viking model NS-1) can be added to turn l oud ringing on or off in night bell applications. If a music source is connected to the SA-25, background music can be enabled or disabled at any Viking self amplified speaker using the provided SA-IR infrared remote control. Background music is inhibi ted during paging. The SA-25 is easy to install and comes complete with a power supply. The Viking model SA-X12 Expander / Adapter can be used if additional self amplified speakers are required.

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  • Includes (1) SA-IR Infrared Remote Control
  • Easy to install
  • Drive up to 25 self amplified speakers
  • Separate volume controls for Auxiliary Input, Paging, Ringing Tones and Background Music
  • Choose from up to 4 loud ringing sounds:
  • - Electronic warble (ditional loud ringer)
  • - Double gong (two identical "gong" tones)
  • - Quadruple chime (four descending chime tones)
  • - Door chime (ding-dong)
  • Provides loud ringing or night bell
  • Night transfer switch input
  • Page from a ringing C.O. line, Centrex line, pg port, unused phone system trunk input (FXO), or ringing analog station port (FXS)
  • Can provide background music from an external source
  • 600 Ohm output to cascade to additional units
  • Use multiple units to drive more self amplified speakers
  • Expandable2 speakers at a time with the Viking model SA-X12 Expander / Adapter (DOD# 529
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