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TRIPP LITE | SMART550USBWD | 550VA 300W UPS Line Interactive Watchdog Monitoring 120V USB Black

  • Réf. fabricant SMART550USBWD
  • PART #381533

Tripp Lite's SMART550USBWD provides unattended systems (including kiosks, web/email servers, security system computers and more) with a single-purchase solution for 100% availability, including a UPS System and WatchDog Service Monitoring/Reboot Softwa re. In addition to completely bulletproofing equipment against two common causes of downtime (blackouts and computer service lockup) SMART550USBWD models save money by providing two availability products for less than the price of a single solution. Th e line-interactive UPS System offers voltage regulation, surge suppression and long lasting battery support. Internal UPS circuits support systems for up to 30 minutes during power failures. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) circuits regulate brownout s as low as 89 volts back to normal 120V levels without using battery power. Offers complete power protection in an attractive black tower configuration. Includes 3 battery supported outlets for computer, monitor and one vital system peripheral, plus 3 additional surge suppression-only outlets for printers and other system accessories not requiring battery support. USB port works with PowerAlert Software (included) to enable optional unattended system shutdown without data loss in the case of an ext ended power failure, USB cable included. Built-in single line RJ11 phone suppression jacks protect modem or other peripheral with a standard dialup/DSL phone connection. Built-in audible alarm and 4 front panel LEDs indicate line power status, battery power status, battery low/replace status and voltage boost operation. 550VA/300 watt power handling ability. Offers 4 minutes battery runtime with a full load of 550VA/300 watts and 15 minutes with a half load of 275VA/150 watts. Supports battery repla cement via built-in access panel. WatchDog Software (included) automatically reboots locked-up or poorly performing system service applications. Set CPU- and memory-usage thresholds and monitor service performance in one application. Together with the UPS System, WatchDog Software eliminates the #1 reason for costly service callsthe need to reboot locked systems.* WatchDog Software runs directly on your computer, eliminating the need for a separate hardware device. If the system fails to reboot, Wat chDog Software automatically directs PowerAlert Software to reboot the computer and connected equipment by powering down and restarting the UPS System. WatchDog Software supports Windows NT, 2000 and XP systems. *Server Technology study.

This part is

  • 550VA tower 120V line interactive UPS with WatchDog software
  • Corrects brownouts as low as 89V without using battery power
  • 3 UPS battery supported outlets, 3 surge-only outlets
  • USB port, TEL/DSL/ethernet protection
  • NEMA 5-15P input plug and 6 NEMA 5-15R outlets
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