Labels, for 610XC and 110Connect XC Cross-Connect Wiring Blocks, Self-adhesive Polyester, White, W 7.90" x H 0.48" Labels per Sheet, 5 Sheets per Pack (90 labels)

Nº PIÈCE FAB.  1375355-1
Nº PIÈCE  250428
Minimum 1 LOT
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These wiring blocks are molded plastic blocks consisting of horizontal index strips for positioning cables for termination. Each strip accepts up to 25 pairs and is marked at 5-pair intervals. Blocks can be terminated using a 110 termination tool. These blocks support applications for voice and high-speed data and exceed specifications. Category 6 blocks feature unique shielded crosstalk barrier and isolated pair engineering creating superior performance. Category 6 cross-connects are for use with Category 6 connecting blocks only; Category 5e connecting blocks are not compatible and may cause damage to Category 6 wiring blocks.

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