Single Jacket All-Dielectric Outdoor Cable Arid-Core Construction Stranded Loose Tube

Nº PIÈCE FAB.  5024 004A XXBK  | 760007351
Nº PIÈCE  372-SMX550LTA-04
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Minimum de 100 PIEDS
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The CommScope LazrSPEED Solution boosts performance to a blistering 10 Gb/s while reducing total system costs by eliminating expensive opto-electronics previously needed to achieve 10 Gb/s speeds on multimode fiber. The LazrSPEED 550 Loose Tube Dielectric OSP Cable is constructed with industry standard buffer tubes, stranded around a central strength member. The buffer tubes are compatible with standard hardware, cable routing and fan-out kits. The cable core is water blocked with dry water-blocking materials, making access and handling of individual tubes easier and craft-friendly. These cables are designed for point-to-point applications as well as mid-span access, and provide a high-level of protection for fiber installed in the outside plant environment.


  • Stranded Loose Tube Construction
  • RDUP Listed
  • All LazrSPEED fibers are Differential Mode Delay (DMD) test
  • Supports current and next generation LAN, SAN, and WAN applications

Spécifications  :

All-diélectrique NON
Blindé NON
Type de câble TUBE EN VRAC
Protection contre les rongeurs NON
Nombre de fibres 4
Subvenir à leurs besoins NON
Type de fibre OM4 OPTIMISÉ LAZER 50 MICRON, GIG 10 550 MÈTRE

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