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Corning Optical Communications brings fiber to the people, wherever they live, work and play.  We deliver connectivity to every edge of the network, from optical fiber, cable, hardware & equipment to fully-optimized solutions for high-speed communications networks. Corning shares Anixter's mission to provide solutions that meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. Together, we bring the end-to-end fiber optic and product solutions, resources, services and training you value. Visit

Corning is one of the world’s leading innovators in materials science. For more than 160 years, we have applied our unparalleled expertise in specialty glass, ceramics, and optical physics to develop products that have created new industries and transformed people’s lives. As the inventors of optical fiber in 1970, telecommunications has long been at the core of Corning’s business. Corning’s solution platforms provide a successful and efficient foundation for customers’ data center, LAN, and carrier applications.

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Corning News
  • Corning Touchless Networks

    Corning Touchless Networking is a self-provisioning network that leverages the benefits of a fiber- and power-deep architecture to enable applications like security cameras and simple access controls in hard-to-reach places.

  • ActiFi® Flame-Retardant Composite Cables from Corning

    Corning’s ActiFi® flame-retardant (FR) composite cables provide the ultimate solution for indoor remote powering of distributed antenna systems, optical networks, small cells and more.

See the Light® Fiber Optic Free Semiars

See the Light Fiber Optic Seminars

See the Light fiber optic seminars bring the latest innovative technology in the industry to a city near you. Three- to six-hour training seminars are taught by experts on a variety of topics throughout the United States.

Whether you are new to the industry, a veteran field installer, an instructor or designer, See the Light seminars offer something for everyone. These hands-on fiber optic classes allow students to work directly with equipment and materials ideal for installation, termination, troubleshooting and system design.

As part of Corning's commitment to work closely with its customers — the See the Light training seminars are free of charge. BICSI and ETA credits may apply. FOA accepts Corning courses as credits toward FOA Specialists certifications.

Learn more about the See the Light Fiber Optic Seminars.

Fiber Optic Local Area Network Solutions

Your local area network (LAN) is the heart of your organization – connecting all the IP devices and providing the bandwidth and reliability needed to run your business. Creating a well-planned fiber optic backbone for your network infrastructure is what Corning does. We are here to ensure that you have the tools, resources, and support you need to build a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective network that is easy to deploy. Learn More.

Touchless Networking

Locations need bandwidth and power to enable networks like security cameras and simple access controls. Often, these devices are in remote locations with limited local power options and farther away from telecommunication rooms. Corning Touchless Networking with remote power is the solution for quick deployments at far distances. Learn More.

Software-Defined Local Area Networking (SD-LAN)

Corning’s new software-defined local area network (SD-LAN) portfolio, enabled by the company’s Optical Network Evolution (ONE™) Solutions, provides a truly adaptable, scalable, and intelligent software-defined technology that decouples hardware and software layers, centralizing network management with flexible topology options to reduce upgrade costs. Learn More.

Everon™ Network Solutions

There are a range of Everon Network Solutions designed to fit different building sizes and customers’ needs. Whether your LAN application is in a small medical clinic, a multi-terminal airport or even a large campus of multiple buildings, all of the components of our solution are proven to work together seamlessly. Lower your costs and prepare your network for the needs of tomorrow, today. Learn More.

EDGE8® Solutions

Our EDGE™ solutions are the industry’s first preterminated optical cabling systems specifically designed for the data center environment. They were built with proven EDGE technology and offer world-class density, network uptime, speed, and simplicity with a clear migration path to meet future requirements. Learn More.

Data Center Interconnect Solutions

Increased data volumes are driving the construction of data center campuses and hyperscale data centers. Can your network support emerging 5G technology where high-fiber availability is critical? Our DCI solutions can help. Learn More.

Evolv™ Hardened Connectivity Solutions

The Evolv™ Solution enables operators to push their networks to go faster, go simpler, go smaller and go anywhere. Next-generation passive optical and 5G networks promise to deliver life-changing applications at ever increasing speeds. These network architectures require advanced solutions to support increased bandwidth demands. Learn More.

Featured Corning Products

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UniCam Connector
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