Hex srcews, carriage bolts, phillips square drive and other assorted fasteners

Complex Parts Are Our Specialty

As a cold-forming manufacturer of bolts and screws, we have technical service and engineering experts that support the entire process from application review, to design conception, quality planning and best-in-class finished parts. 

Our fastener manufacturing facility in Wood Dale, Illinois, United States, can serve your company with small-batch production, short lead-time production, prototype testing or full production. In addition, our global sourcing capabilities can find alternatives for full production or as a follow-up to prototypes or short-term solutions used at the start of production.

Fastener Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Size ranges: #1 to 1-inch (M2 to M24) diameter, lengths up to 8 1/2-inch (215 mm)
  • Secondary processes: cutting, trimming, drilling, tapping, shaving, thread rolling
  • Automated process control including SPC and force meters
  • Prototype runs
  • Sorting by pace, laser and optical
  • Cold heading
  • Bolt making
  • Thread rolling
  • SEMS washer thread rolling
  • Part shaving and turning
  • Shank slotting
  • Trimming
  • Pointing, drilling and tapping
  • Phillips Square-Drive (PSD)
  • ACR Phillips II and Phillips square-drive
  • MAThread and MATpoint, anticross-threading feature
  • High Torque Fastener System
  • TAPTITE┬« thread rolling fastener family head slotting

Manufacturing Flexibility

We understand that fastener manufacturing needs to be flexible, so we manage your changing needs such as reduced lead times, small batch sizes, customized parts and fluctuations in demand accordingly. Our experienced team achieves this through:

  • High service levels, more than 150 production machines
  • Lean processes for quick changeover 
  • Expert engineering teams that manufacture custom-special and semispecial fasteners in safety critical parts for the automotive and heavy truck markets
  • Smaller lot sizes than other manufacturers at competitive prices
  • Modifications to production schedules to satisfy changes in customer-demand patterns
  • Specialty manufacturing of complex parts at our Wood Dale facility.

Support From the Top Technical and Engineering Experts

Our experienced technical services and engineering support team consults with you on the entire process from application review and design conception to finished parts and line trial. We provide quality and production efficiency by identifying issues prior to implementation and provide sample inspection reports to confirm standards and compliance specifications prior to production startup.

Quality Manufacturing Experience at Work

At Anixter, we only deliver quality-assured products. Our full range of quality-assurance tests are carried out at our Wood Dale facility. We produce more than a billion fasteners per year, so we know the process will work for you.

 We use the most current tests including:

  • Mechanical testing: e.g., full dimensional inspection, axial and wedge tensile test, compression test, proof load test, hardness tests (Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop)
  • Metallurgical testing: e.g., coating and plating thickness, surface integrity, discontinuity, ductility, embrittlement, corrosion, neutral salt spray test, and joint testing.