Product Testing and Solution Evaluation at Anixter's Infrastructure Solutions Lab

One-of-a-Kind Testing Laboratory Facilities

Our dedication to delivering you quality technologies comes to life at our UL-certified Infrastructure Solutions Lab℠ at our headquarters in Glenview, Illinois. This unique, 4,000-square-foot facility is designed to test security, data center and industrial communications solutions independent of our manufacturer partners.

We also operate fully accredited laboratories around the world that are designed to test fasteners and small component products. These state-of-the-art facilities are accredited to UKAS and ISO standards and are equipped for metallurgical and mechanical testing, chemical analysis and failure testing.

Our key product testing areas are:

How Anixter's Infrastructure Solutions LabSM Can Help You

Anixter ipAssuredSM: We Hold Products to a Higher Standard

Anixter created the ipAssuredSM program to simplify customers' infrastructure choices. Developed and tested by Anixter's Infrastructure Solutions LabSM, ipAssuredSM allows Anixter's technical experts to recommend an advanced IP infrastructure. Simply tell us the types of technologies and applications you need for the network, and we can provide you with the best performance today and in the future.