Fastener Product Testing and Failure Investigation

Experts in Working to International, National, Regional and Customer Standards

Our 11 fully equipped Internationally accredited regional fastener quality laboratories provide an independent investigation and product verification service for customers. All of our labs are equipped with the latest testing and analysis equipment for effective results and efficient turnaround times.  

Our European lab in Gloucester, England, is independently accredited to UKAS 17025 standards. 

A-Lab's Quality Testing Capabilities

Mechanical Testing

Anixter's fastener testing laboratories known as A-Lab, offers a comprehensive range of mechanical testing and material characterization for product testing and failure investigation, including: 

  • Tensile (axial and wedge)
  • Proof load 
  • Locking patch performance 
  • Torque tension 

  • Torsional and drive 
  • Rockwell hardness 
  • Micro hardness.

Metallurgical Testing

We offer a comprehensive range of routine and investigative metallurgic analysis services, including:

  • Grain size determination
  • Coating and plating thickness
  • Particle size analysis
  • Porosity assessment
  • Surface discontinuity
  • Case depth
  • Heat-treated condition and structure
  • Inclusion content
  • Decarburization and carburization test
  • Embrittlement
  • Thread lap examination
  • Failure analysis.

Chemical Analysis

Optical emission spectrometers conduct chemical analysis for carbon and alloy steels plus many stainless, aluminium and copper alloys. 

Failure Investigation

Our failure analysis functions can test a comprehensive range of industrial components. Services include a failure examination investigation report that provides image analysis.

Product Finish Testing

Finish tests include a neutral salt spray test to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) B117 as well as testing of product coating thickness.

Product Inspection

Anixter and our carefully selected suppliers have ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Report), PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) and FPA capabilities and are able to meet industry-recognized standards and customer-specific standards.  

Quality assurance of your products is controlled through Anixter's tailored monitoring program that checks the supplier source and inspection requirements at the part, customer and supplier level.

Quality technicians and engineers perform routine inspections upon receipt of parts into our facilities to help conform to the relevant customer and industry standards.

Problem Solving is Part of the Quality Service

Anixter's quality engineers and inspectors are trained to solve issues that may arise with rigorous problem-solving methods: 

  • The Eight Disciplines of problem solving (8D)
  • The 5 "Whys" of problem solving
  • DMAIC problem solving
  • Six Sigma

Anixter Only Sources from Approved Suppliers

All suppliers are subject to regular audits and strict Anixter standards to verify their capabilities. 

With a global network of procurement specialists and supply chain development engineers, Anixter is always looking to develop existing suppliers and identify new ones to meet our customers' demands.