Wall Mounted Security Camers

Physical Security Product Testing and Demonstration Capabilities

Our 5,000 square foot Infrastructure Solutions LabSM; is home to several million dollars worth of product and test equipment. We have products and solutions from over 100 manufacturers, enabling us to address the technical challenges you face. Lab testing and simulations include:

  • Multi-manufacturer interoperability testing 
  • Proof of concept (POC)
  • ONVIF conformance validation and independent certification 
  • Product performance simulations:  

- Bandwidth

- Light sensitivity

- Cabling infrastructure

  • IP video surveillance migration
  • Technology deployment best practices
  • Image resolution testing
  • Security demonstrations.

How Your Business Benefits

Anixter's Infrastructure Solutions Lab is a unique resource because it provides the kind of knowledge to keep you both current and competitive, no matter your business or application. 

As an end-user client, The Lab allows you to:

  • See end-to-end solutions rather than just the performance of a single component at the manufacturer's facility
  • Discuss complete solutions with our certified technical experts
  • Learn methods to optimize performance of your physical security subsystem.

Our integrator partners gain useful knowledge from:

  • Training on the latest technologies and multimanufacturer integration.

Architects, engineers and consultants benefit from: 

  • Use of a demonstration and testing facility for the newest technologies 
  • Knowledge of the latest technological trends in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Providing a Higher Standard of Security Solutions

Anixter's UL certified Infrastructure Solutions Lab is equipped with the best available technology to demonstrate and test everything from enterprise cabling to video surveillance and access control products. Staffed by industry professionals from a wide range of technological disciplines, The Lab's mission is to:

  • Educate you on the newest security and networking best practices, standards and technologies 
  • Demonstrate the latest security solutions available from our manufacturer partners 
  • Evaluate our network infrastructure for security solutions so that you can select the right products for your specific needs.

Learn How the Anixter Infrastructure Solutions Lab Can Help You

Security Product Testing and Evaluation at Anixter's Infrastructure Solutions Lab