Anixter: For the Perfect Fit

The team of engineering experts in Anixter's Fastener business is committed to the technical services and engineering needs of our manufacturing customers. As a Fastener customer, Anixter offers you the best possible engineering expertise with: 

  • Dedicated application engineers who work side by side with your engineering department, providing support for all fasteners and "C" Class component needs
  • A technical support team specializing in product-related quality assurance and control, with a focus on product verification and testing
  • Optimal fastener selection that can identify which fasteners will improve ease of application for your employees in order to minimize error
  • Proven strategies and advice for best-in-place cost specification 
  • Parts rationalization and standardization of fasteners
  • Value analysis and value engineering via thorough analysis of supplied products for potential cost savings. 

Anixter Fastener Application Engineers

Anixter's application engineers provide our fasteners customers with engineering support for all of their fasteners and "C" Class component needs. This includes:

  • Standardization, re-engineering and rationalization for existing and new parts and applications
  • Help with specification of fasteners for new joints and assemblies per best practice and best total cost are achieved for new designs 
  • Identification of application issues and provision of effective corrective actions
  • Expert advice on performance, quality and cost-saving opportunities.

Anixter's Virtual Engineer: A Convenient Resource for Your Team

Anixter's Virtual Engineer is an interactive, online self-help tool that provides your design engineers with quick and effective fastener and "C" Class components. Virtual Engineer looks for cost-effective design solutions, reduces ordering times and frees your engineers to focus on design. 

Virtual Engineer helps eliminate the cost of unnecessary product development. With 24-hour access to a database of your own specific parts as well as access to a database of standard parts, Anixter can deploy either one of your current products or a standard equivalent to you with the click of a button.

Worldwide Engineers of Quality

Anixter's Fastener and OEM Supply business is trusted by an extensive list of world-class, global manufacturers. Demand for our services led to opening facilities in Tianjin, Hong Kong and Singapore. Anixter can now fully provide a global network of locally focused fastener experts and suppliers. Anixter's internal manufacturing capability for fasteners on a just-in-time basis and our close network of global suppliers allow us to service our customers' most challenging production needs.

Learn about the benefits of Anixter's Fasteners and OEM Supply division.