A man and woman discussing how Anixter's financial strength can be leveraged to benefit their business.

Leverage Our Financial Strength to Support Your Business

We provide tailored financing for our customers, with credit requests addressed within 24 hours, so you can purchase with confidence.

Our credit department strives to bring you creative financial solutions by considering your preferred leasing vendors. We also offer competitive financing programs or open account payment terms to provide maximum flexibility.

Financial Flexibility and Creative Solutions

Our credit department can help you manage your company's cash flow, bank lines of credit and capital requirements needed to achieve your business goals. Our customers benefit from:

  • Lease financing up to $5,000,000
  • Open account terms
  • Credit card purchasing
  • Proof of deliveries
  • Projects accounts
  • Electronic funds transfer (ACH) payment
  • Custom consolidated invoicing
  • Email invoices and statements
  • Electronic invoicing integrations.

Lease Financing up to $5,000,000

You can grow and develop your business with Anixter's flexible leasing programs. We will help you conduct an analysis that determines which financing options best fit your needs and create a customized lease structure that supports your business currently and in the future.

Open Account Terms

Anixter provides industrywide competitive payment terms that are tailored to support your special project or day-to-day business requirements.

Credit Card Purchasing (North America Only)

  • The convenience of purchasing by credit card allows you to manage project expenses and provide transparent cost reporting.
  • New customers can sign up for credit card purchasing by requesting a simple one-page form from their Anixter sales representative.

Proof of Deliveries

eAnixter is Anixter's online e-commerce solution where our customers can track shipments and obtain proof of deliveries. All your order-to-delivery transactional information is accessible through eAnixter whether orders are placed online, with your Anixter sales team or through EDI.

Project Accounts

For special projects relative to commercial and construction needs, Anixter has credit available to support tailored financing programs.

Custom Invoicing and Consolidated Billing

Anixter's custom invoicing option provides traditional style, integrity and meets all legal requirements. Custom invoice is a consolidated invoice solution that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your business. Invoices can be consolidated daily, weekly, at calendar or fiscal month end, PO ship complete, or on certain dates. With an automated custom invoice you can look forward to expedient, concise, accurate invoicing with every shipment. Consolidated billing is a special service provided to our customers and requires preapprovals.

Email Invoices and Statements

Anixter can email your invoices and statements directly to your accounts payable email inbox. It is a faster and more environmentally-friendly way to receive your invoices and statements. Invoices are transmitted as soon as they are generated and monthly statements are also available.

Electronic Invoicing Integration

Ecommerce and procurement integration is all about lowering costs and increasing business process efficiency. In today's ever-evolving technological world, systems compatibility is essential.  


For over a decade, Anixter has been using a variety of tools and technologies (e.g., EDI, XML, eAnixter punch out) to help our network communicate directly with your e-procurement platforms (e.g., Ariba, Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft) or working through supplier networks and/or marketplaces (e.g., Ariba, OB10, Oracle iSupplier, GXS, Exostar).


To submit a credit application, contact your local Anixter sales representative.