Cable being selected from an Anixter warehouse as part of a cable management program that reduces risk, delays cost of ownership and minimizes lead time.

Anixter Does the Work for You

Anixter has proven solutions to meet your supply chain needs. We enable the efficient flow of products by actively designing programs that work for you, such as:

  • Manual consignment inventory programs to regularly count your on-site supplies and prepare sales orders as needed
  • Electronic consignment programs at your site that allow you to scan products as they're used so inventory can be restocked as necessary
  • Vended consignment programs that allow your team to "check out" materials from a vending machine via ID cards or codes, which also provides on-site security
  • Direct line feed (DLF)
  • Spot buying of new or urgent products not specified in previous orders
  • Cable management programs that can help delay cost of ownership, minimize lead times and reduce risk.