READY!SM Set! Install!

Whether at the job site or on the factory floor, you want your materials ready for installation. Our product enhancement services do just that, maximizing efficiencies so you can finish on time and on budget.

Save Time and Effort with Customized Services

Coiling to Exact
Specifications [0:14]

Cutting to Length

Dye Wire and Cable for
Easy Identification

Space-Saving Hanking

Inkjet Printing for Easy
Wire and Cable Identification

Additional Services

  • Preassembly
  • Kitting
  • Direct line feed (DLF)
  • Camera assembly and IP address loading
  • PARAPULLSM and PARASPINSM reels for easier handling and installation of wire and cable
  • Cable bundling
  • Preinstalled pulling eyes for cable
  • Cut-to-length cable
  • Labelling, phase taping, printing, dye and stripping to help identify and measure cables
  • Tinning
  • Twisting
  • Just-in-time (JIT) delivery
  • READY!SM To Install
  • Cable management

Logistics: Making the Complex Simple

See how our warehouses around the globe follow standardized operating procedures to deliver customized services for the 3,700 orders placed each day.