Financial district representing Anixter knowledge of the finance industry's unique needs and standards

We Understand the Financial Environment

You demand reliable, rapid, secure and around-the-clock access to information, and our Technology Solutions Group (TSG) and expert sales team provide these to you through:

  • Developing specifications and operating standards for your business-critical data center and infrastructure
  • Designing unique solutions to meet and extend your security, reliability and flexibility needs
  • Delivering best-in-class products from our global supplier partners to manage your edge applications
  • Helping you meet regulatory compliance to maintain the integrity of your customers' information.

Growing Your Business and Maximizing ROI

Over time, your infrastructure is challenged by growth and the increase of:

  • The number of accounts and customers
  • Additional branch locations
  • Transaction volume
  • Additional applications on the network.

We can help you prepare for that growth with scalable, future-proof technologies that will grow with your business and maximize your return on investment. With our worldwide presence, we can replicate processes and solutions around the world.

READY! When You Are

With over $1 billion in global inventory, our worldwide distribution network provides the products you need through our Supply Chain Solutions. Our services improve every aspect of your supply chain process to deliver to you the right products at the right time while lowering your total cost of doing business.

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