Man increasing efficiency at a car assembly line due to optimized material management

Increase Your Peace of Mind While Lowering Your Operating Costs

Anixter's diverse best-in-class product range and global supplier network can work with you to find products and services within your budget while our global Supply Chain Solutions enable you to reduce total cost of ownership with programs and meet aggressive timelines.


Our supply chain programs are designed to help manufacturers accomplish the following:

  • Simplify material management at the production facility
  • Optimize on-site inventory management
  • Reduce total cost of procuring and using wire and cable 
  • Reduce excess or obsolete inventory
  • Rationalization of part numbers
  • Increase productivity and efficiencies
  • Improve sourcing and supplier management
  • Improve time to market
  • Enhance flexibility for the production facility
  • Create scalable and repeatable systems worldwide.

Our OEM Supply Chain Solutions include:

Our national and global support networks allow us to pull stock from other locations in times of unforeseen high demand with complete inventory management from manufacturer to point of use to have zero impact on the production line.

Simplify Your Sourcing and Procurement

As a manufacturer you may require a vast range of products. Anixter is your single source for those products, in stock and ready for delivery, saving you time and money with consolidated shipments and billing. If you need advice on the vast range of choices available in the market place, our highly trained and experienced sales specialists are happy to discuss your product requirements including:

  • UL and CSA electrical and electronic wire and cable
  • Hook-up and lead wire
  • Military and aerospace wire and cable
  • RoHS-compliant products
  • Interconnect products
  • Wire management, tubing, support and supply products
  • Network cabling solutions
  • Industrial communication and control products
  • Fasteners
  • "C" Class components.

Making a Good Thing Great: Value-Added Services

After sourcing the best products for your application, simplifying how you purchase these products and reducing your total cost of ownership all while meeting your project lead times, there is still more we can offer. We can help you speed installation and implementation with our product enhancement and packaging services designed to save you time.


These services include:

  • Wire cutting, stripping, tinning, twisting, dyeing, and striping
  • Tubing cut to length and marked
  • Kitting, special packaging
  • Color-coded, bar-coded and customized labels
  • Custom reels or barrels
  • SpeedPull┬«
  • Cable cut to length and prepped.

Continuous Support and Improvement

Our experienced sales team will lead you through an assess, design, implement and optimize process to provide the best products and processes that allow you to:

  • Increase productivity and efficiencies
  • Reduce time to market
  • Enhance production flexibilities
  • Monitor and measure supplier performance

  • Measure delivery performance
  • Monitor quality 
  • Resolve any issues

Direct Line Feed (DLF)

Direct line feed (DLF) is our state-of-the-art inventory management system that maximizes effieciencies and reduces the risk of down time. Direct line feed perfectly balances component supply and demand with bar code technologies, automated forecasting and just-in-time deliveries to the point of use.

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