Proof in Performance: Testing UTGSM

This video demonstrates some of the many levels of assurance used to validate the beyond standards capabilities of UTG Cabling. You will get a first-hand look at both lab and field test performance that exceeds the standards using UTG cable channels at extended distance, including UTG data transmission performance, UTG field testing with the Fluke Versiv and UTG streaming video integrity tests.

UTG 10 and UTG 20 meet and exceed the standards!






Defining Guaranteed Results

This short video highlights the benefits of the beyond standards capabilities and the guaranteed results Utility Grade INFRASTRUCTURE provides over Commodity-Grade cable solutions. It also identifies efficiencies and the potentials for your Return on Infrastructure Investment (ROII).





Intersection of Convergence

Watch to learn how your building infrastructure will evolve.


Utility Grade INFRASTRUCTURE (UTG) is a new technology platform, assurance program and design approach that redefines the infrastructure layer to support building subsystems, technologies and applications.




Download a UTG Application Guide to learn why utility grade infrastructure is required to enable a smart building.

UTG Technical Application Guide Image

Download your free copy of the UTG Technical Design Guide to learn how to successfully plan for a utility-grade network.

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The need for utility grade

Building technology is rapidly evolving to meet productivity and efficiency demands of building owners, managers and tenants alike. Essential to keeping up with this rate of technology change is an advanced infrastructure layer that supports seamless connectivity, building automation and control, as well as the convergence of IT and OT applications across a common platform.

A reliable and resilient network allows an organization to meet their smart building goals, whether that is attracting premium tenants, simplifying the management of multiple building systems, or enhancing collaboration and workforce productivity.


Who needs UTG?

UTG can help address different challenges and opportunities that drive decision-making for many stakeholders in commercial buildings.




UTG Innovation Partners

The UTG program has been developed alongside these world-class global technology alliance partners. 

Learn more about UTG Innovation Partners solutions below.

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UTG Convergence Partners

The UTG program has been enhanced and further developed for existing product interoperability with these world-class global partners.

Learn more about UTG Convergence Partners solutions below.

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Foundations of the 4th Utility

Every network-enabled device requires connectivity, power and security. UTG provides a specable, interoperable and future-ready solution, ensuring these elements are addressed across all building systems. Foundational elements of UTG include:


Utility-Ready Structured Cabling

Core to the UTG program is offering new UTG-rated cabling solutions from world-class manufacturers.


Advanced Power Delivery

UTG will address advanced power delivery through definite testing of UTG-rated cabling solutions. These UL verified solutions will include design recommendations and higher potential for bundling size to support more PoE applications.


Enhanced Cybersecurity

As more devices come onto the network, the potential for cyber threats needs to be accounted for. Future phases of the UTG program will offer best practices and solutions that provide enhanced cyber protection for converged building applications.


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